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Get to Know Us

No one could ever deny that 2020 was a tough year to get through, Because of Covide-19 disaster many of broken companies had to let go of its employees (including us (: Lol ) except the sterilization and disinfection companies of course. So, there we were, stuck at the meds of our life's in a foreign land, full of competencies and abilities that nobody was able to hire at that time and struggling to pay rents and bills each month with no one to relay on

Then it hit us … 
We don't need to rely on no one because we do have each other 

We don't need to get hired by no one because we can work for ourselves 
And we don't need from any one to hire our energies to serve their customers because we can use them to serve ours

So as from 11/11/2020 we gathered ourselves. 2 Mechanical engineers, 2 lawyers, 1 accountant, 1 tailor, 1 coffee roasting/making expert, 1 Real estate expert, and 1 Medical/plastic surgery Consultant and lunched our own project represented in Gurbetci Group with its unique name that means Expatriate in either Arabic and Turkish with only two goals 
1 - Provide a unique service so that it does deserve the name of a Gurbetci group services

2 - Make sure we did good in implementing the first goal 

Our Team

Successful Traders. Trusted Leaders.

Adnan khaled.jpeg

Adnan Khaled

Canned Food Expert 

Ahmad AlBayyat-1.jpg

Ahmad Al-Bayyat

Mechanichal Engineer

Founder & CEO

Adnan arabi katbi2.jpeg

Adnan Arabi Katbi

Real state department manger

Mohamad Ajjour.jpg

Mohammad Ajjour


Feras alağa.PNG

Feras Ağa

Graphic designer

Mohammad ali.jpg

Ali Al-Zaibak

Web designer

Abdul Hamid Musa.jpg

Abdülhamit Musa

Eye wear Expert

Abdulrahman alkhateeb - Copy.jpeg

Abdulrahman Khateeb

Fabric Expert 

Do you want to Join our Team

If you do have an interesting specialty that is not included in our group work fields yet and have the desire to join our group let us hear from you about your work and the jobs that you have achieved earlier beside some of the references that you worked with before and we would be happy to have you on our team



Your Specialty 

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