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Custom Helical Gear

Custom Helical Gear

Just give us the needed information to have the Custom Helical Gear produced as you want:

Module : 

Number of Teeth :

Helix direction (right or left hand)

Helix angel :

Gear inner shaft diameter : D

Gear width : G-W

Hub style (Type A or B or C according to the drawing)

Hub diameter (for types B and C) : H-D

Gear Full width: F-W

Rectanguler Keyway size: K-H (key hight) & K-W (key width)
Hardening degree (HRC): 

Coating type: 

For special shap modification you need to send us the drawing of the needed gear


    This is a special product for Gurbetci Group, Please contact us via whats app directly to place an order

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